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Based on the Compton Pronuncing English as a Second Language (P-ESL) Program, Master Your Accent helps you or your employees speak English more confidently; speak more clearly, improve grammar, figurative language, field-specific terminology, vocabulary, non-verbal language, and rhythm.

The Benfefits of Accent Modification

Meet our trainer, Cher Gunderson. With accent modification training, you can open the door to limitless possibilities for communicating with others!

Click on any of the following video learning series titles to learn a little about how Master Your Accent can help your English speech and language skills.


Speech Sound Production in Accent Modification

Subject-Verb Agreement and Verb Tenses in Accent Modification

Figurative Language and Vocabulary

Spelling-Sound Correspondence in Accent Modification

Syllable Stress: Placing Emphasis When Pronouncing Long English Words

Pronunciation Instruction and Practice for Voiced ‘Th’

Watch this video on details for a FREE Master Your Accent: Transform Your Life Kit.

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