Master Your Accent Empowers Individuals!

As an accented, international professional, you can often be misunderstood, passed over for advancement, or not hired. A lack of communication clarity should never hold you back. You are a qualified, conscientious, skilled international professional excited about sharing your valuable wisdom and boosting your success.

Through no fault of your own, you were educated and trained in your skill and you were expected to communicate those skills, talents, and wisdom in a different language containing unique speech sounds, grammatical elements, and melody.  Even the most respected traditional language programs don’t teach how to use spoken language culturally, socially, and naturally.


Cher is a very gifted and dedicated therapist. Working with her improved my accent, but more importantly, my understanding of some aspects of English language that are hard to comprehend by someone who has it as a second language. Cher is exceptionally talented in guiding you through some subtle differences in pronunciation that make a huge difference. She has a very clear way of pointing out examples that are tremendously helpful. I would recommend Cher to any professional looking for accent modification.

Ivanka Jankovic
Sofware Engineer
Ontario, Canada

What can you Expect from Master Your Accent?

Master Your Accent empowers accented professionals to fully express their skills, talents, personalities, and spirits to advance their professional and personal lives!  We decrease the risk of misunderstandings.  Our curriculum results in mastering the American English sound pattersn and social-cultural components not taught in any traditional English language programs.

You may be experiencing communication barriers that are getting in the way of your success and earnings in both your professional and personal life.  Accent modification is a hidden gem that improves your communication and overcomes your accent barriers.

Do you Encounter these Barriers?

Signs your accent is interfering with your communication

  • Waking up anxious and uneasy
  • Modifying the speed, clarity, or loudness of your speech
  • Speaking more softly
  • Speaking faster
  •  Quieting your voice, thinking that maybe others won’t notice your accent
  • Modifying body language
  • Looking away from your communication partners more frequently
  • Repeating yourself often
  • Saying your message with different words


 “I definitely recommend Cher as an accent modification specialist.  Not only was she very personable, energetic, patient, and encouraging; she was dedicated to my success.  Cher is very comprehensive with a straight forward, practical, yet supportive approach.  She took into account my personal goals and had a clear plan for the program, even incorporating my medical presentations.  You can depend on Cher to energize you and see you through for your success.”

Do you Want to Experience this?

  • Saying your message ONCE and having your communication partners understand you
  • People responding to WHAT you say, not HOW you say it
  • Fully EXPRESS your skills, talents, personality and spirit
  • Increased opportunities for JOB PROMOTIONS
  • Competitive advantage in interviews
  • Better relationships with your colleagues
  • Improved relationships with your clients/customers
  • INCREASED REVENUE in your business
  • Attract more clients/customers

A qualified accent specialist has the education and training to help you fully express your skills, talents, wisdom, and personality to succeed in both your career and personal life.

Selecting a qualified, professional trainer to help work with you to reduce your accent is the key to your success.

Your Voice Is Your Handshake

As a non-native English-speaking professional, you interact with clients and you may be a management candidate.

As a foreign-born professional, you experience barriers when communicating which affects your professional advancement.  At Master Your Accent company we are able to help you overcome these communication challenges.


“Cher was very encouraging and supportive.  She gave me the specific tools I needed to advance my relationships and medical practice.  Cher has a personable manner and it was easy to build rapport with her.  Her services are of great value and you’ll definitely see the results.”

         “I’ve seen up to 75% improvement and I’m not even half-way through the program.”

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