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Are you ready to get that job promotion, dream job, more clients, land that high-end contract, or socialize with confidence?  Are you serious about  confidently expressing your knowledge and expertise for greater credibility and impact?  Our public speaking training results in engaging, interactive, credible presentations that inspire and move audiences to action.

Public Speaking Training: Express your Unique Brilliant Self
5 Strategies for Breaking through Public Speaking Blocks & Getting out of your Own Way

Accent Reduction Videos

Are your ready to land your dream Job, get that promotion, excel in your business, make more money and help more people?  Are you tired of hearing “What did you say?” or “Can you repeat that?”  Reduce your risk of misunderstandings.  Speak confidently using American Accent Techniques that get your listeners focusing on what you’re saying, not on how you’re saying it.  Say it clearly the first time.  Services for foreign-born professionals decrease the risk of misunderstandings through accent modification that is not taught in traditional English language programs.

Based on the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language (P-ESL) Program and additional accent modification training materials, Master Your Accent helps you or your employees speak English more confidently; speak more clearly, improve grammar, figurative language, field-specific terminology, vocabulary, non-verbal language, and rhythm.

Accent Reduction Tip Series: Introduction

Accent Reduction: Linking Words Together (First word ending in “d”)

Foreign Accent Barriers, Breakdowns, and What to do

Meet our trainer, Cher Gunderson. With accent modification training, you can open the door to limitless possibilities for communicating with others!


Speech Sound Production in Accent Modification

Subject-Verb Agreement and Verb Tenses in Accent Modification

Figurative Language and Vocabulary

Spelling-Sound Correspondence in Accent Modification

Syllable Stress: Placing Emphasis When Pronouncing Long English Words

Pronunciation Instruction and Practice for Voiced ‘Th’

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