Public Speaking: Most Overlooked Components your Audience Craves

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I do the work I do because I feel it in my bones. What do I mean by that? I feel a passion and yes, even a compulsion to share my story and experience with the people with whom I’m meant to connect. I love my work and my work is my play so often. It drives me.

Passion & Drive

Other people see my passion and drive too. Ryan Kauth, Small Business Development Center Director at University of Green Bay-Wisconsin, passed by one of my workshops and asked a participant what they thought of it. The participant apparently conveyed my drive, passion, and value to Ryan.

Ryan invited me to speak at his 2014 Secret$ to Success Webinar Series. These webinars are designed to help professionals and their team members increase their financial success.

You’re Invited: FREE WEBINAR

I’m inviting you because I want to help you create your own success.  Register here: 5 Strategies to Break through Public Speaking & get out of your Own Way **FREE** WEBINAR.  Yes, I thought of you because I want you share with you the most overlooked critical speaking tools for success.

You might be in the same place I was years ago. In fact, there was a time when I was so fearful of being around people, that I consciously avoided it. After I realized that my fear was holding me back in a huge way, I sought out professional mentors who taught me techniques to change my mindset.

Will these Change your Life?

Those mindset techniques were life-changing for me. They afforded me the ability to pursue my life’s passions. I’ve successfully learned how to scuba dive, ride my off-road motorcycle in the sand moguls of the Mohave desert, through the woods in mud and rocks in Central Wisconsin where I live, climb the Peton Mountains of Saint Lucia, ballet dance, and wake-board on the Fox River in Green Bay, WI, and in the ocean off of Saint Lucia. I learned ad did it all in my adult life.

Those same mindset tools are what empowered me to create Master Your Accent. I need to share them with you so too, you can pursue your dreams and move into your potential.
I’m inviting you to join in our upcoming **FREE** WEBINAR 5 Strategies to Break through Public Speaking Blocks & get out of your Own Way. Many of you have already signed up. If you haven’t,

Register here: 5 Strategies to Break through Public Speaking & get out of your Own Way **FREE** WEBINAR.

It’s Time for you

You won’t want to miss it. If it’s time for you to:

  • Skyrocket your speaking confidence
  • Speak with more impact, and
  • Reach a broader audience with your unique message and story,

Here’s your chance…and it’s **FREE**.

What you’ll Gain

Here’s what we’ll cover:

==> 4 Emotional Blocks that Keep you Stuck & their Freeing Truths

==> Explore the inner work & communication techniques you need for empowering your voice & infusing your passion to connect with your audience

==> 3 Essential Components for Embracing in order to Authentically Connect with your Audience

==> 4 Elements of an Organized Presentation so it Runs Smoothly & Impacts your Audience

==> 5 Verbal & Nonverbal Communication Excellence Tools for Confidently Capturing & Engaging your Audience Every Time

==> The Most Overlooked Element of Public Speaking that when Utilized, Empowers you with Confidence and Spontaneity

See you There

See you at the 5 Strategies to Break through Public Speaking & get out of your Own Way **FREE** WEBINAR.

To your communication excellence in expressing your unique brilliance,


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