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Increase your Confidence

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Accent Reduction is a Critical Tool

In traditional English learning programs, the focus is on vocabulary and grammar with emphasis on reading and writing English. Speakers of of English as a Second or Other Language are generally not taught how to SPEAK ENGLISH using standard accent.  This standard accent involves complexities including:

  • Stress and intonation rules (at the word and sentence level)
  • Linking Sounds
  • Pronunciation rules
  • Pronunciation Variations Based on Spelling
  • Speaking Rate
  • Pronunciation Variations Based on Word Context
  • American Sound System Components

Speakers of English as a Second or other Language are not taught how changing pronunciation, intonation, and speaking rate more effectively communicates information content and positively affects the exchange of information and the natural flow of conversation. It is CRITICAL to learn these skills not only to skyrocket communication confidence but also to connect socially and emotionally for building TRUSTING RELATIONSHIPS, not to mention professional success. 

What can you Expect from Master Your Accent?

Master Your Accent empowers accented professionals to fully express their skills, talents, personalities, and spirits to advance their professional and personal lives!  We decrease the risk of misunderstandings.  Our curriculum results in mastering the American English sound patterns  not taught in any traditional English language programs.

You may be experiencing communication barriers that are getting in the way of your efficiency, connection to people, success, and earnings, negatively affecting both your professional and personal life.  Accent modification is a hidden gem that improves your communication and overcomes your accent barriers.

Cher is a very gifted and dedicated therapist. Working with her improved my accent, but more importantly, my understanding of some aspects of English language that are hard to comprehend by someone who has it as a second language. Cher is exceptionally talented in guiding you through some subtle differences in pronunciation that make a huge difference. She has a very clear way of pointing out examples that are tremendously helpful. I would recommend Cher to any professional looking for accent modification.

Ivanka Jankovic
Sofware Engineer
Ontario, Canada

Do you Encounter these Barriers?

Signs your accent is interfering with your communication

  • Waking up anxious and uneasy
  • Modifying the speed, clarity, or loudness of your speech
  • Speaking more softly
  • Speaking faster
  •  Quieting your voice, thinking that maybe others won’t notice your accent
  • Modifying body language
  • Looking away from your communication partners more frequently
  • Repeating yourself often
  • Saying your message with different words

 “I definitely recommend Cher as an accent modification specialist.  Not only was she very personable, energetic, patient, and encouraging; she was dedicated to my success.  Cher is very comprehensive with a straight forward, practical, yet supportive approach.  She took into account my personal goals and had a clear plan for the program, even incorporating my medical presentations.  You can depend on Cher to energize you and see you through for your success.”

Do you Want to Experience this?

  • Saying your message ONCE and having your communication partners understand you
  • People responding to WHAT you say, not HOW you say it
  • Fully EXPRESS your skills, talents, personality and spirit
  • Increased opportunities for JOB PROMOTIONS
  • Competitive advantage in interviews
  • Better relationships with your colleagues
  • Improved relationships with your clients/customers
  • Attract more clients/customers
  • Maximize your CONFIDENCE and personal  impact in social & networking situations

A qualified accent specialist has the education and training to help you fully express your skills, talents, wisdom, and personality to succeed in both your career and personal life.

Selecting a qualified, professional trainer to help work with you to reduce your accent is the key to your success.

Your Voice Is Your Handshake

As a non-native English-speaking professional, you interact with clients and you may be a management candidate.

As a foreign-born professional, you experience barriers when communicating which affects your professional advancement.  At Master Your Accent company we are able to help you overcome these communication challenges.

“Cher was very encouraging and supportive.  She gave me the specific tools I needed to advance my relationships and medical practice.  Cher has a personable manner and it was easy to build rapport with her.  Her services are of great value and you’ll definitely see the results.”


Premiere American Accent Program Description

Length and Frequency: 4-week program meets once per week for 4 weeks.  Each weekly session is one hour.


On site in predetermined conference room or at Master Your Accent, LLC office in Green Bay depending on needs of participants or video conferencing to accommodate location or scheduling logistics. Group or individual session format will be decided based on a fit of needs between group participants.


Sessions are scheduled in advance at mutually agreeable times between participant and accent trainer.


Online Accent Reduction Platform
Supplemental Customized Programming
Initial Speech Sample is obtained
Initial Speech Analysis is discussed
Individualized goal plan and training includes education and exercises addressing some of the following according to priority:

  • Stress and intonation rules
  • Pronunciation rules
  • Pronunciation Variations Based on Spelling
  • American Sound System Components
  • Post Program Verbal Summary
    • Identifies progress
    • Suggests additional follow-up recommendations where warranted

I wanted people to want to listen to me and to want to have me speak to their audiences. That requires me to be a great speaker – thereby increasing my marketability. I highly recommend Cher. It will help you to stand out to advance your career or grow your business. This was a fabulous program! While I love who I am, including my voice, I want to ensure I am producing and providing clear and effective presentations and audio products. Cher gave me fantastic tips and we practiced a lot, while keeping my personality and spunk. Cher also made extremely helpful observations that increased my awareness. Now my teleclasses, one-to-one sessions, and group programs are not merely informative; they are dynamic and engaging to my clients!

Wendy Fahrbach
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Founder and Master Instructor


Sessions progress in systematic, step-by-step fashion
We meet you where you’re at now
Exercises are designed to progress in systematic fashion starting at beginning levels
Your trainer provides different levels of cues based on your accuracy and independence when completing exercises

Package Investment

(includes professionally authored materials)


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