Accent Reduction: How to get Started (Part 1)

You’re taking a risk: that’s a Good Sign

Do you hesitate to start addressing your foreign accent because it’s something you’ve never done before?  The idea of starting something new scares most humans.  That means you’re not alone.  We’re here to help you ease into accent modification.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed.  You need to feel confident in your choices.  You don’t need to feel undecided.  You need to feel like it’s the right time for  you to modify your accent.  Do you know that it’s absolutely possible to achieve that?

Gather the Tools

You can get to the point where you absolutely know the time is right for you to start gathering the tools the frustration that your accent causes.  You can get to the point where you’re comfortable with your native accent and also ready to learn the American English accent.  You’re asking yourself “How can I achieve that?”  Here’s the answer to that question.

Decide what you are ready for

You need to know whether you are ready to hire a qualified accent reduction specialist or whether you want to test out the waters first.  By test out the waters, I mean that maybe you want to become familiar with the personality, delivery style, and content material of some different accent reduction specialists. If you want to test the waters first, here’s how to do that.

If you’re NOT READY to hire an Accent Reduction Specialist

We said we’d help you ease into accent modification; that you don’t need to feel overwhelmed.  We recommend that you start by investigating.

Where to find an Accent Specialist’s Content Material

Check out the accent reduction trainer’s blogs, videos, and free offers.


First of all, does the accent modification coach have blog articles?  If so, are their blogs regularly posted?  This means they are active in their field and passionate about what they do.  They keep current.


Does the accent reduction specialist have videos?  Accent modification specialists/accent reduction specialists who want to share their style and offer their authenticity use videos.  It’s a great way to get a sense of what it would be like to actually work with them in person.

Free Offers

Does the accent trainer have a free offer?  Again, accent reduction specialists who are willing to offer you free valuable information are usually professionals who are committed to what they do.  Not only are they committed to their work, they are willing to make some of their work public.

Summary to Ease into Accent Modification

The four valuable steps for easing into accent modification include:

  1. Decide if the time is right for hiring an accent reduction specialist
  2. If necessary, gather information about accent trainers
  3. Get familiar with different accent coaches’ content material.
  4. Locate accent trainers’ content material in their blogs, videos, and free offers.

Watch for Part 2

Now that you are equipped with more valuable tools to ease into accent reduction training, watch for the upcoming blog HOW TO EASE INTO ACCENT MODIFICATION: PART 2.  You’ll discover:

  • 5 valuable questions to ask yourself when investigating the content and delivery of prospective accent reduction specialists.
  • 3 Questions to ask when hiring an accent reduction specialist

Your outcomes will be increased confidence, readiness, and comfort in taking your next step in your accent reduction journey.

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We hope this blog was valuable to you.  Click on the comments section at the end of this article, scroll to the bottom, and leave a comment and/or question.  We’ll be happy to respond.  It is Master Your Accent’s mission to empower you to communicate your message clearly the first time.  When you can communicate clearly the first time, you’re confident.  That means you can fully express your skills, talents, personality, and spirit!

Here’s to you easing into accent reduction!

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