Accent Reduction: 5 Ways Communication Barriers Cost you Time

One of the main reasons that former clients have hesitated to purse accent modification is “I don’t have enough time”.  Do you have the attitude,” I want to completely and fully commit to accent modification so I do it right!  I don’t’ have enough time right now in my life to be able to do it right and perfect!”  If so, when will you realistically have enough time?  Is there such a thing as “right” and “perfect?”   In the meantime, while you are waiting until the right time, you may be losing time in the following ways:

5 Ways Communication Barriers Cost you Time

1.       If you keep procrastinating to pursue accent reduction, the cost will be mental fatigue.  Our minds and spirits are sensitive and intelligent enough to know when we are not aligned with our purpose in life.  You may want to tune in and listen to how many times you think about your communication barriers.  If you find yourself focusing a lot on this, your mental energy isn’t completely available for other tasks.

2.       The time you spend on communication breakdown may result in decreased productivity in your career.  Are you noticing that people are interested in what you have to say but need you to repeat yourself over and over?  Do you have excellent skills for your job but your clients don’t understand you?  Are your colleagues, customers, clients, or patients showing signs on their faces as expressions of misunderstanding?  If that is happening, then you are taking time to repair those communication breakdowns.  That costs you.

3.       The mental fatigue and decreased productivity costs you time away from growing your business or client base. If you are trying to network with other professionals to grow your client base or giving presentations or workshops, and people can’t understand you, you’re limiting your business growth.

4.       The time you spend trying to repair communication breakdown with clients costs you relationships.  Forming relationships with your referral sources or directly with potential clients requires social connection and trust.  There is a human response that when we don’t understand someone, we automatically think they don’t understand us.  It causes us to stop trying to communicate with them.  Your colleague or client or potential friend who doesn’t understand you stops trying to communicate with you.  You’ve lost your invested time with them.

You also may be charged time by missing opportunities to develop social connections and relationships.  Do you struggle with feeling comfortable striking up conversations and sharing your opinions?  Are you experiencing clients that don’t return for additional service?  Do you find yourself feeling “left out” at work with your colleagues or at social gatherings?  Is it because of your communication barrier?  If so, you are missing these opportunities for developing relationships.  This causes mental fatigue.  Your spirit knows you are meant to be connecting with people.

5.       The extra time you spend on all of the above tasks costs your leisure time.  We all only have 24 hours in a day.  If you’re spending time playing “catch up,” for work and personal time, then you don’t have the time you deserve to have fun!  Life is about balancing work and pleasure.  A spiritual leader stated that “There is a time for exhaustion and a time for rest.”  Is your accent costing you leisure time?

2 Steps you can Take

Here are two steps you can take.

  1. Ask yourself one question: “Are there any times throughout the day that people can’t understand me because of my accent?”  Be honest in your answer and nonjudgmental.  Simply observe it as a fact.  Attach no meaning to it.  This will allow you to open yourself up to support.
  2. Do yourself a favor.  Support your potential. Believe in yourself.  You may have been putting accent reduction on the back burner.  You may have been waiting for the right time.  You may have been waiting for the perfect time.  If that is true for you, now is the right time and the perfect time.  Give yourself the gift of contacting a certified accent reduction specialist now.  You will be relieved and inspired.

To your time-saving communication successes,


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