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  • 8 Templates & Exercises for Connecting with your Passion, Engaging your Audience, & Attracting Clients
  • Multiple Templates & Techniques for Presenting your Marketing Message
  • 11 Activities & Secrets to Build Confidence & Move Beyond Fears of Public Speaking
  • 17 Tips for Organizing & Presenting Concisely
  • 4 Ways to Obtain Speaking Engagements
  • Plus more Powerful Tips


Are you a qualified, conscientious, skilled professional excited about publicly sharing your valuable wisdom and attracting clients?

You’re willing (and maybe even ready) to spread the word about your services or product(s).  You want to EXPAND your client base. There’s one thing holding you back.  Your tool box for building your public speaking success is empty or not quite full.

In your passion for the work you do, you might be great at your craft!  Are there more people you could be reaching?  Have you taken the next step for speaking to market your valuable services?

Do you experience:

  • Enjoyment of success but want to create more through public speaking and networking
  • Thoughts about networking but you’re not taking action
  • Wanting to give teleclasses but not ready
  • Wanting to expand your client base
  • Feeling passionate but not being able to communicate it
  • Shying away from public speaking
  • Turning down requests to speak publicly
  • Forgetting what you want to say next in your speeches
  • Thoughts of “I’m not meant to be a public speaker.  I’m not cut out for it.”
  • Trouble knowing what topics to present
  • Can’t keep your audience engaged
  • Lack of client referrals after giving free teleclasses and public speeches
  • Audience members don’t come to talk to you after your presentations

You may be experiencing communication barriers that are getting in the way of engaging your audience and getting results from your audience.

Public Speaking Training improves your communication, whether it’s with one or hundreds of people at a time.  Overcome your public speaking barriers to reach the clients you’re meant to reach in a BIG WAY!  Attract your ideal clients through the way you SPEAK and PRESENT yourself.

There are good reasons people don’t take action to address their fears of public speaking, even knowing that there are specialists available to coach them.  Many times, the reason is that if they speak up and stand out for visibility and success, it will challenge them to move out of their comfort zones.  There is, however, an unfortunate event that occurs when competent professionals do not take action to participate in public speaking training.  Competent professionals who don’t align with their potential end up enduring discomfort.  The discomfort is a result and sign of the need to take action, to speak up, stand out, and become visible.

What ultimately gets in the ways of professionals reaching out to increase their public speaking skills?

  • Belief that they can figure out the skills as they go
  • Fear of making mistakes in the process of public speaking
  • Feeling like public speaking isn’t necessary to build their client base
  • Not knowing which audiences to target
  • Thinking that their work for presentations won’t pay off
  • False belief that personal public speaking training won’t give them the results for which they’re looking

Do you Experience any of the Following Signs that you are ready for Public Speaking Training?

  • Anxiety about public speaking
  • Anxiety about speaking in general
  • Lack of client referrals after giving public speeches
  • Lack of client referrals after communicating at networking meetings
  • Audience members don’t come to talk to you after your presentations
  • Your follow-up calls and emails for referrals don’t generate clients
  • Forgetting what you want to say next in your speeches
  • Difficulty preparing speeches
  • Trouble knowing what topics to present
  • Trouble feeling passionate and confident about speaking
  • Telling yourself “I’m not meant to be a public speaker.  I’m not cut out for it.”
  • Afraid to make mistakes when communicating
  • Not knowing what to say next in conversations
  • Feeling awkward during communications, whether one to one or with many people

If you find yourself encountering these barriers, you may be ready to BOOST your communication confidence and effectiveness.

“I highly recommend Cher. It will help you to stand out to advance your career or grow your business. This was a fabulous program!”

You can speak passionately and connect on a personal level with individuals and with groups, speak publicly to attract clients, and ultimately IMPROVE your earnings and business relationships.At Master Your Accent, we’re here to support you to SHINE your essence to become visible to the clients with whom you are meant to work.  As a qualified public speaking specialist, Cher possesses the experience, education, and training to help you fully express your skills, talents, wisdom, and personality to succeed in your career or business.  We are here for providing you with individualized feedback.

What can you Expect?  We’re here to:

  • Equip you for IMPLEMENTING presentation and speaking skills  and not merely LEARNING them.  To catapult your business success, you need to ACQUIRE, SYNTHESIZE, and IMPLEMENT these skills.  Our services provide one-to-one practice and feedback to produce STELLAR presentations.
  • Support you in taking action to reach the clients you are meant to reach.  It can be difficult to know how to specifically implement these techniques into your unique line of work.
  • Keep you Accountable.  We’ve seen clients run into roadblocks.  They start out trying to implement these methods but they lose their passion and self-accountability.  We are here to keep you accountable and to keep you moving forward on a regular basis.
  • Assist you in choosing the engaging, passionate, motivating words to motivate your clients to take action and work with you.

“Cher has a very clear way of pointing out examples that are tremendously helpful. I would recommend Cher to any professional…”

There’s more!  We equip you for:

  • Engaging your Audiences: Using the nonverbal language of your voice to fully engage your audience (whether your audience is one or one hundred people)
  • Delivering Passionate Presentations: Relating your personal and professional stories for captivating your audiences
  • Marketing from your Authentic self: you are your own messenger
  • Exponentially Reaping the Pay-offs of your Preparations: Website, Newsletter, Blog Copy, and Presentation Materials Feed One Another

If you have a vision to reach more clients and you know that there is more you can do to build your business, take a step towards it! If you’re looking to authentically market your business for visibility, or to become a more effective speaker, our services will benefit you!

Wishing you energy and passion to express your spirit!

Cher has a master’s degree in Speech-language Pathology and is nationally certified, with experience in public speaking to attract clients through telling her story and sharing her passion for accent modification in addition to providing health care professionals with tools to best serve patients with communication and swallowing impairments.

Cher is known for engaging and inspiring her audiences.  Her company, Master Your Accent decreases the risk of misunderstandings for international professionals. Their curriculum results in mastering the American English sound patterns and cultural components not taught in any traditional English language programs.

As a nationally certified speech-language pathologist who has helped thousands of adults and children overcome communication barriers, Cher understands the power of effective and authentic language.  She has helped countless children and adults overcome difficult speech issues.  Her current focus is energizing and empowering professionals to fully express their skills, talents, personalities, and spirits to advance their professional and personal lives!

Cher provides public speaking training to help professionals attract success through speaking up and standing out for visibility.  Her interactions as a speech-language pathologist, rehabilitation manager, and accent specialist with clients, employees, patients, families, supervisors, administrators, department heads, and contract agency managers have honed her skills of corporate communication strategies in a business sense.

Cher practices in Green Bay, Wisconsin as well as virtually in order to reach, educate, and support clients globally.  She looks forward to guiding you to fully express your skills, talents, wisdom, and personality.  Take action to get the support you deserve.  Move your business forward.  Speed your progress.  Get the results you want.  Manifest the components of public speaking or accent modification and build your personal and professional confidence.  Sign up for a FREE consultation.  Contact Cher at (920) 362-2359.  Email:

Contact Cher to help you step-by-step and systematically implement these presentation and speaking skills with accountability.  Cher loves accountability!   She thrives on setting goals and reaching them, both for herself and her clients!

“Cher is a great speaker; powerful, joyful and convincing. People love to hear her.  She builds trust very quickly.”


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