11 Questions to Ask for Making YOUR Marketing Message STICK

Research has shown that silence is uncomfortable for the human ear.  Wayne Dyer, Motivational Speaker and Author, has also alluded to the idea that to sit in a quiet room without thoughts filling our minds is an honorable goal that brings us closer to a higher power.  In this article, we equip you with 11 questions to ask for making your marketing message stick.  Have you ever found yourself in one of the following or both situations?

  1. You’re talking with someone and they feel the need to continue talking.  They want to share all the knowledge they have about a subject.  They’re invested in teaching or imparting their knowledge.
  2. Someone is talking to you, sharing valuable knowledge yet they are performing a monologue.  You don’t have a chance to process what they’ve said.   You keep waiting for a pause in order to interject questions.   You want to expand on what they’ve shared with you up to that point, but you’re waiting to take your turn, and waiting, and waiting…

If you’ve found yourself in either or both of those situations, I encourage you to explore the following.  Thinking back to the first situation, can you recollect a time that you encountered that with a professional who was providing a service or product to you?

  1. When you were with this professional, how did you feel inside?
  2. Were you feeling like that  professional had limited time to perhaps make a sale?
  3. Was this professional trying to impress you, or win you over with their skills and knowledge?
  4. Was that professional simply passionate and wanted to share all their knowledge with you so they could best help you become successful?
  5. Did they accurately see the potential you had and the value of their services to help you fill that potential?

Referring back to the second situation, was there a meeting you had with a professional when you felt, perhaps, like the conversation was one-sided?

  1. Was the speaker not tuning into you?
  2. Did the speaker not pick up that you wanted to talk with them or that you wanted to ask questions?

The insight you get from answering these questions can help your marketing message stick and can be extremely valuable with marketing your own services.  Just take notice as to whether you exhibit those behaviors when you’re telling about your service or product.  If you are noticing you have room for improvement to communicate with your potential clients, we have some suggestions to catapult the value of your message; keep it from being “lost in translation”.

4 ways to test whether the value of your services is being conveyed in your message: Ask yourself:

  1. Are your listeners excited about what you have to say to them about your services or products?  If so, how do they show that?
  2. Do your potential clients ask you further questions related to your services or products?  What types of questions do they ask?
  3. Do your potential clients expand on the topic that you’re discussing with them?  What comments do they make?
  4. Do your listeners share personal experiences and information with you?  What types of personal information do they share?

By expanding on the answers to those questions, you can better gauge your current communication effectiveness in your marketing.  If warranted, you can then develop a plan for improving your presentation.  When you put in the effort to improve your marketing presentation, you ultimately invest in your overall visibility.  Remember, when you’re more visible, you’re better able to reach the clients you were meant to reach!  The 11 questions to ask for making  your marketing message stick are for you to access at different points in the development of your business or profession.  As your skills evolve and your talents reveal themselves, your marketing message will also change.  At Master Your Accent, we invite you to comment or send questions regarding your experience with presenting your marketing message.  Click on the comments section at the end of this article, scroll to the bottom, and leave a comment and/or question.  We’ll be happy to respond.

Sending you our intention for you to envision your potential and to step into it!

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