Does your Accent Result in Limited Business Referrals?

If you’ve been caught in this situation, you’re not alone.  Do you ever notice someone being ridiculed, degraded, stereotyped, or discounted due to judgment; due to someone’s opinion of them?  This is in fact what a pulmonologist shared with me at a recent presentation that I gave.  His comment was different than those that are usually oriented to the actual programming and content of accent modification.  I had spoken about some of the barriers for individuals who speak English as a second or other language; however, I had simply not spoken about the barrier of being discounted.

This pulmonologist shared with me his experience of an extremely qualified knowledgeable cardiologist who spoke with an accent.  Here is what was happening: this pulmonologist was referring patients to this cardiologist and the response was similar to “No, I’m not going to see that doctor.  I can’t understand him. “He was even getting feedback from other physicians and medical professionals that were stereotyping this physician as not having a grasp of the cardiology practice and not being knowledgeable about cardiology.

This pulmonologist explained that because he could overcome the communication barrier with this provider he himself was able to see the competency and in fact, the extremely valuable skills and knowledge that this cardiologist had.  The unfortunate part was that this pulmonologist witnessed multiple times the stereotypes that patients and other medical professionals held.   People mistook that the cardiologist didn’t know his area of specialty simply because people couldn’t understand him.

At the presentation I had shared that I was educating a particular medical group about the benefits of accent modification.  This pulmonologist expressed his relief and hopefulness that I would reach this cardiologist through this medical group.  He wanted so clearly to have this cardiologist break these communication barriers in order for him to express his talents, skills, and expertise to reach and help people who needed his services.  Although I had spoken at this presentation about one of the mistakes that international speakers of English make (failing to see the communication barriers that their accent may be causing) I’m not sure if this particular cardiologist was aware of the communication breakdowns that were causing limited referrals.

If you have been caught in this situation, or suspect you might be, accent reduction can prevent further loss of referrals.  Something to consider is asking fellow colleagues and patients about your referrals.  Do they refer to you?  Have they heard of referrals being made to you?  You may even ask them directly, “Would my accent prevent you from recommending my services?”

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