American Accent Reduction: 11 Success Tips

Accent Reduction: Emotional Support

Accent Reduction is a powerful method for improving your ability to be understood by others, whether in professional or social situations.  Aside from the technical components, it’s fp_people_50001important to consider the psychological factors.  When you implement your techniques with the added ingredients of support, structure, regular practice, fun, and much more, you’ll experience greater success.  The following tips are meant to support you throughout your accent reduction programming.

11 Accent  Success Tips

  1. Paying attention to your listeners’ body language helps identify where your breakdown is.  Watch for facial expressions that indicate confusion.
  2. Most people like it when you ask them if they’ve understood you.  It shows them that you are  making them a priority.
  3. Ongoing support is available from accent reduction specialists.  Instructors are experienced in modeling these techniques and teaching you in a systematic manner.
  4. There are many techniques to help you.   Techniques include methods that involve pronunciation, intonation, breath flow, and speech rate.
  5. Approaching the American accent with humor makes for fun.  Laughing at your mistakes allows you to approach it less seriously so you’re more likely to stick with it.
  6. Being patient with your own learning helps. Speaking supportively inside your own head to yourself facilitates patience.
  7. Having goals keeps you accountable.  Setting goals is also a sign that you are committed to your own growth.
  8. Keeping a routine of regular practice speeds your progress.  One way to get into a routine is by practicing at the same time of day.
  9. It’s okay to have setbacks. It’s to have setbacks than to not even try.
  10. Expect to make mistakes.  Trial and error is a natural part of learning.
  11. It’s important to get comfortable being uncomfortable when using your new accent techniques.  This goes along with making mistakes.  The more risks you take, the greater your reward can be.

Accent Success Summary

Emotional support and having a system is just as important as the technical components of accent reduction.  Learning to be patient, be comfortable making mistakes, setting and sticking to goals, and having fun all facilitate your progress.  Laughing with yourself along the way can keep your mood from feeling too heavy.  When you encounter setbacks, focus on your progress.  Remember that in order to have experienced a setback, it means that you have made progress in the past.

Keep up your hard work.  Celebrate your progress.  Be your own best supporter.  By acknowledging your achievements and your commitment to your communication effectiveness, you support your own continued growth. Your investment in yourself is really an investment in your relationships with others.  The accent improvements you make will be reflected in the ease of your communication exchanges with others.

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